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wine, the way it should be


Üllo believes that wine is best enjoyed the way the winemaker intended, without the added sulfites used as a preservative.

An estimated three million Americans are sensitive to sulfites resulting in allergies or respiratory problems. Üllo purifies any wine, restoring it to its natural state using a porous, food-grade polymer filter to selectively remove sulfites, while allowing the other compounds in the wine to flow through unaffected.

MINIMAL set out to design and engineer an inclusive line of products that appeal to everyone from the casual wine drinker to the trained sommelier. The design and product architecture should allow wine drinkers to purify and aerate an individual glass or an entire bottle through the filter without disrupting the mood or atmosphere of the experience.



 by the Glass or Bottle

wine, the way you want it


Because some wines prefer to be aerated, Üllo can purify and aerate wine in the same pour. With a simple twist, you can opt to aerate your wine if desired. The purified wine flows through Üllo in a visually appealing helical shape, allowing the wine to breathe.


creating the identity

 a brand for purists


The forerunner of chemistry, alchemy is based on the transformation of matter. Alchemists explored processes capable of changing a common substance of little value into a substance of great value. Üllo’s brand identity was inspired by the alchemy symbol for purity and embodies the ability to produce highly-desirable pure wine.