A Budding Relationship

Scott Wilson and MINIMAL Partner with Cannabis Leader to Modernize the Industry

For more than a decade Scott Wilson and MNML have not only been pioneering new territories in product design but also the model of the design consultancy itself. From category-creating wearable technology to life-saving medical devices and culture-defining creative partnerships with internal corporate design groups to sparking global movements in crowdfunding, Wilson and his team continue to define the future through design.

MINIMAL’s work across consulting, design ventures, and self-manufacturing continues to evolve. It continues to help big companies act like startups and early stage companies look like they know what they are doing -- building confidence for all stakeholders and amplifying success out of the gate. MINIMAL selectively invests creative capital, capabilities and their valuable vendor network to help guide and de-risk these companies’ futures. Additionally, they enjoy creating their own self-incubated brands and product lines which are licensed or sold-off. Up until now, these three models within MINIMAL have been exclusive from each other.

As design becomes a more critical tool for companies to differentiate and maximize their potential, we look for partners and industries where MINIMAL can make the most meaningful impact to the human experience. This is why we love designing thoughtful medical devices and systems as much as timeless lifestyle icons. It is rare that these two intersect, but we are at a point in time where design can make a massive impact on mainstream adoption in both the medical and recreational cannabis markets by providing alternative relief and new forms of enjoyment through safe, consistent, and trusted delivery methods.


Given this exciting opportunity, Scott Wilson and MINIMAL have partnered closely with Chicago’s Cresco Labs, one of the of the largest vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis companies in the U.S., to elevate their entire consumer experience. Wilson will assume the role as Chief Experience Officer alongside his pre-IPO investment in Cresco, where he and the MINIMAL team will extend Cresco Labs’ mission to professionalize and modernize mainstream cannabis for medical patients and emerging recreational users.

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Transformative Design Partnership

“A decade ago, many of us couldn’t imagine accepting a ride from a stranger, nor was hiring a private driver attainable for most consumers. Today, the union of design and technology has made ride-sharing a trusted and democratized means of transportation for many around the world. A similarly daunting challenge with incredible potential now exists within the cannabis industry, and MINIMAL is eager to put our expertise to work and drive meaningful change.”

Wilson and dedicated teams within MINIMAL will be charged with inspiring, defining, and overseeing the elevation of all brand touch points across the Cresco Labs portfolio, including product strategy, design, packaging, retail environment, digital UX, devices, future brand sensory experiences and collaborations, as well as playing a major role in two new joint ventures between Cresco and MNML Ventures. Wilson will also continue to creatively direct MINIMAL and its clients, doing business as usual. “We’ve gone deep with client relationships and strategic partnerships before, and this is another example of that.” says Wilson. “Relationships where we are deeply integrated and seen as an extension of the team are where we have made the greatest impact. I look forward to applying our team’s design and engineering experience, as well as top creative talent in our network, to accelerate Cresco’s mission to develop industry-leading, integrated product experiences for its brands and customers.”

“In this early stage of the legitimate cannabis industry, I feel it is critically important to employ strategic design thinking and world-class product development practices to help define, develop and execute thoughtful and meaningful experiences for those looking for alternative relief,” said Scott Wilson. “As a former chronic back pain sufferer with degenerative disc disease who also dealt with the side effects of extensive pharma-based options, the safe, non-toxic, pain management that medical cannabis and CBD can provide is incredibly promising and embedding design strategy at the beginning of an emerging consumer category can significantly improve outcomes for all involved. I look forward to leveraging my background in consumer, lifestyle, and medical product design and development to influence and elevate the user journey in this industry – both for the medicinal and recreational use markets.”

“Scott Wilson has been designing the ‘consumer experience’ for decades.” said Cresco Labs CEO and co-founder Charlie Bachtell. “Design can be a powerful tool for educating, guiding, inspiring and on-boarding new consumers looking for effective alternative relief through cannabis solutions that have been, up until now, unregulated and confusing. As CXO, Wilson will be a tremendous asset to Cresco, and perhaps a game-changer for the cannabis industry, where Scott’s ingenuity will offer a world-class perspective on the consumer experience for marijuana.” This partnership comes on the heels of Cresco’s recent IPO in the Canadian Stock Exchange. Bachtell continues: “Our public listing represents the culmination of nearly three years of unmatched success in winning state licenses in the most competitive, highly regulated cannabis markets and firmly establishing Cresco as an early leader in this emerging industry.”


We’re Growing Our Team

MINIMAL and MNML Ventures are hiring to support our ongoing strategic client partnerships and early stage startups, as well as our budding end-to-end brand and product development relationship with cannabis industry-leader, CrescoLabs. The industry is experiencing explosive growth unlike anything we have have seen in decades. We are excited to build our team of internal and external, top tier creative collaborators in anticipation of this growth. MINIMAL seeks like-minded, entrepreneurially-wired, passionate senior and junior talent across all disciplines, including: Finance, Operations, Digital Marketing, Brand Design, Retail and Environment Design, PR & Social Media, Product Development, and Project Management.

If you are as excited as we are about transforming an industry yet to be modernized by design, let us know. Reach out through our website or via jobs@mnml.com with an email about yourself, your area of speciality, and any super powers you are hiding.

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