Sisifo for Artemide
  • Sisifo
  • It's no news that LED lighting is the future as it provides energy efficient solutions. Until recently, LED lighting has been expensive and lacked the quality of light consumers desired. Now, LEDs are able to achieve the temperature and performance quality expected by users and at an accessible cost. By 2015, Predictions are that 50% of US residential homes will be LED. If one attends any of the lighting trade shows this prediction is reinforced by the abundance of companies showing off their latest LED versions of task lamps, pendants, sconces and table lamps. However, it is overwhelmingly obvious that most current LED-based architectures and designs are derivatives of their traditional incandescent counterparts despite the fact that LEDs offer more opportunity to reinterpret how light is embodied and delivered.
  • Sisifo, Scott Wilson's new hybrid luminaire for Artemide, challenges this convention with a new typology of light that blends task lamp with table lamp and leverages LEDs qualities to create a new icon in lighting. Wilson’s vision was to design a large diffused disk of light that gracefully balances and easily rotates 360 degrees to direct a soft, powerful light source.
  • With its spherical central articulation, Sisifo guarantees maximum freedom in directing light with minimum encumbrance at the base, allowing use on both larger tables and smaller bedside surfaces. The light consists of a smaller footprint weighted base that employs a double ball joint, allowing the floating light panel to be positioned as desired. The lamp head and light source utilize micro lenticular surface details to amplify the light output. Sisifo’s generous adjustable diffuser eliminates unwanted harsh shadows and provides a soothing familiar feeling.
  • Artemide introduced Sisifo at the 2012 Frankfurt Light+Building Show and at Milan's Salon del Mobile, the world's largest annual cultural design event. The initial public response has been overwhelmingly positive with comments reinforcing its iconic and disruptive design.
Sisifo is new hybrid LED luminaire for Artemide that truly balances task and ambient lighting needs. The iconic LED flat panel design effortlessly floats and adjust to provide warm soothing light for any application.

Client: Artemide

Completed: 2012

Design Team: Scott Wilson
Industrial Design, Product Design